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Coq derives from the French "coque," which signifies loops of feathers on a hat. The word is a variant of the same root that gives us "cock," meaning a rooster or other male bird. Secondarily, coq also is an abbreviation in biology for coenzyme Q. These coq definitions are just two of the myriad meanings. In addition to live male birds, the highlights of the other definitions also pertain to birds. These coq meanings include a weather vane and strutting like a proud male bird. Other meanings include jaunty tilt to a person's headgear, a valve that controls the flow of fluids, and arranging hay in cone-shaped piles. As can be seen, both coq and its derivatives are useful words in describing many situations.

Word Games

Scrabble US/Canada (OTCWL) No
Scrabble UK (SOWPODS) No
Words With Friends Yes (15 Points)

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a casserole of chicken pieces cooked in red wine.