Hubris Meaning What is Hubris? Is Hubris a word?

With its origins dating back to ancient Greece, hubris is a word of rich history. Synonymous with arrogance, hubris describes a vain personality trait. The official hubris definition is excessive pride or self-confidence. While these qualities can be positive, undeserved pride or confidence often leads to aggravating behavior. It’s for this reason why ancient Greeks breathed life into the hubris meaning. When put into ancient Greek context, hubris describes actions that challenge higher powers. This behavior is seen as pretentious. Given the prominent role that deities held in ancient Greek society, people with self-assured hubris were treated as social pariahs.

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Scrabble US/Canada (OTCWL) Yes (11 Points)
Scrabble UK (SOWPODS) Yes (11 Points)
Words With Friends Yes (12 Points)

Hubris Definition



excessive pride or self-confidence


the self-assured hubris among economists was shaken in the late 1980s