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Loq derives from the Latin. Loq's meaning is the third-person singular of "speak." The Latin word is "loquitur." The English language has some words derived from "loq." The loq definition inspires both "loquacious" and "loquacity." Synonyms include "garrulous," "talkative," and "chattering." Because loq is not itself an English word, you don't encounter it in written or spoken communication every day. Writers or speakers would simply say, "John speaks," or, "Phyllis is speaking," instead of, "Bob loquitur," or even, "Sharon loq." When talking about talking, if you are knowledgeable, then you can talk about the whole thing: loq, stock and barrel! If words like this interest you, study the etymology of their Latin roots to see how they developed over time. English is a "melting-pot" language. It borrows from a dozen or more other world languages, particularly Latin and German. It's interesting how different Latin and German are. The word for "loquacious" is "redselig" in German, indicating no common root at all.

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Scrabble US/Canada (OTCWL) No
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Words With Friends Yes (13 Points)

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