Quoi Meaning What is Quoi? Is Quoi a word?

According to analysts of the French language, quoi is an exceptionally delicate but dynamic word. There are three main uses of the quoi definition, and the most prominent is used to indicate confusion. In other words, it’s a stand-alone term for what. You can also use this instance of the word to convey disbelief. Another quoi meaning is used in certain phrases, which are typically inquisitive. For example, you can ask somewhat what they are doing by using this variation of quoi. When translated, you’d swap what with quoi. Finally, quoi can be used to emphasize a statement or to express agreement.

Word Games

Scrabble US/Canada (OTCWL) No
Scrabble UK (SOWPODS) No
Words With Friends Yes (14 Points)

Quoi Definition



a quality that cannot be described or named easily


that je ne sais quoi which makes a professional