Sashimi Meaning What is Sashimi? Is Sashimi a word?

A Japanese delicacy of varying origins, sashimi is a bite-sized dish that translates to pierced body in English. While the sashimi definition is widely accepted, there’s conflicting information surrounding the birth of the word. Though some believe that it dates back to the Muromachi period, others argue that sashimi comes from Korean culture. Supporters of the latter argument claim that Koreans prefer fresh fish more than the Japanese, which explains why they coined the term. On the other hand, many maintain that the sashimi meaning derives from a Japanese culinary practice. Another notion that’s not as heavily supported is the idea that sashimi got its name from a traditional method of harvesting.

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Sashimi Definition



a Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce and wasabi paste


tuna sashimi