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If you're looking up "vu definition" online, you might have come across "VU," which is the abbreviation for Volume Unit. But if you're interested in the French language, you'll be happy to learn that the vu meaning in French is related to seeing. While English doesn't give a gender to words, each French word is assigned a gender, with "le" or "un" signifying a masculine noun and "la" or "une" signifying a feminine noun. "Vu" is the masculine form of the word, so it's paired with masculine nouns, such as "le nombre" or "le chien." Its feminine form is vue, which is paired with feminine nouns, such as "la fille" or "la terre." Vu is also the past participle form of voir, which is the verb form of "to see." As is common with many languages, "vu" has gone through many changes to reach its present form. For instance, it derives from the Old French word "veü." It's also similar to the word "veduto," which is an Italian word that also refers to seeing. One of the most common ways that the word is used in the English-speaking world today is "déjà vu," which means to see something again.

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Vu Definition



a feeling of having already experienced the present situation


a feeling of déjà vu

to list the opponents of his policies is to invite boredom and a sense of déjà vu