Five-Letter Wordle Starting Words

Not only are words the building blocks of language, but you also have to be a word master to solve every Wordle puzzle. Choosing the first five-letter word to play is crucial when playing Wordle as you only have six chances to find the daily answer.

Starting with a word of five different letters that contains 3 vowels, helps you figure out the answer faster.

25 Best Starting Words For Wordle

Here is our carefully curated list of five-letter everyday words any Wordle fan should learn.


About means approximately, roughly, around, in relation to, or similar to. 


A piano is an acoustic musical instrument that produces sound when struck. In its most common form, it has 88 keys on a keyboard, arranged in seven octaves plus a pedalboard for sustaining notes after striking.


A house is an enclosed building designed for human habitation. In modern times, houses have been constructed in many different styles, ranging from traditional timber frame construction to high-tech concrete structures.


Alone means without anyone else.


Above means "higher than" in terms of position or rank. For example, if you are standing on top of a hill, then your feet are higher than the ground below them.


Media refers to all forms of communication that can be used to convey information. This includes print media (books, magazines, newspapers), electronic media (television, radio, Internet), and mobile media (cell phones, pagers). 


Radio waves are electromagnetic radiation that travels at the speed of light in free space. They can be used for communication purposes, but they can also be used for sensing purposes. In this case, they are called radio waves. 


Voice is the sound that we hear when someone speaks. This includes both our own voices and those of others. 


Value is the worth of something in terms of money, time, effort, or any other resource.


Alive means that something is not dead yet. In this context, alive refers to a living organism that has not been killed by an external force (such as a bullet).


An ocean is an expanse of salt water that covers most of Earth's surface. Oceanic waters cover 71% of Earth's surface and contain about 97% of its water. They are bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the south by the Antarctic Ocean, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Indian Ocean.


An image is an abstract representation of some real-world object or scene. Images can be created in many ways, including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, video, film, holography, and others.


An olive is a small drupe (fruit) that grows on trees in the genus Olea. Olives have been cultivated for thousands of years, and their cultivation has spread around the Mediterranean region. 


Quietness is the absence of noise. Noise can be defined as any unwanted sound that interferes with the intended use of an environment.


Video is an electronic medium that records visual images in digital form for subsequent playback on a device capable of displaying those images. 


A cause is an agent that produces an effect. In science, causes are usually physical entities (such as objects, substances, energy fields, waves, forces, etc.) that interact with each other and produce observable effects in the world around us.


A sauce is a thickened liquid that may contain seasonings, herbs, spices, and/or vegetables. Sauces can be used as condiments for food, or they can be used in cooking.


A movie is an audiovisual work that contains both recorded sounds and images.


Juice is the liquid part of food that has been squeezed out of fruits and vegetables. Juices can be fresh, frozen, canned, concentrated, or bottled.


Noise is any unwanted sound that interferes with the intended use of an audio signal. Noise can be divided into two categories: intentional (e.g., music) and unintentional (e.g., wind).


Abuse is an intentional act that causes harm to another person. It can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial, or any other type of harm.


An opera is an art form that originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome.


Naive means that you have not been exposed to something before. For example, if you have never seen a dog before, then you would be considered naive to dogs.


Email is an electronic message sent using Internet protocols that can be received by any recipient on any platform (e.g., desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets).


Azure (Latin for "blue") is a color in the visible spectrum that lies between indigo at 700 nm and cyan at 650 nm. It is a shade of blue, like ultramarine, but lighter than cobalt blue.

5 Letter Words

pzazz 35 jazzy 34 buzzy 29 fuzzy 29 muzzy 29 bezzy 28 bizzy 28 fizzy 28 pozzy 28 whizz 28 zhuzh 28 abuzz 27 scuzz 27 dizzy 26 frizz 26 huzza 26 mezza 26 mezzo 26 pizza 26 swizz 26 wizzo 26 hajji 25 jujus 25 tizzy 25 jeuje 24 lezzo 24 squiz 24 zanza 24 zazen 24 izzat 23 jacky 23 jeeze 23 jumpy 23 tazza 23 tazze 23 zizit 23 jammy 22 jemmy 22 jiffy 22 jimmy 22 jimpy 22 junky 22 mujik 22 muzak 22 quack 22 quick 22 zappy 22 zippy 22 jacks 21 janky 21 jocko 21 jocks 21 jugum 21 jumbo 21 jumps 21 kopje 21 kudzu 21 quaff 21 quaky 21 quiff 21 zaxes 21 zinky 21 zuppa 21 capiz 20 enzym 20 furzy 20 jaggy 20 jambe 20 jambs 20 jerky 20 jibba 20 jibbs 20 jiffs 20 jiggy 20 jivey 20 jokey 20 jowly 20 juicy 20 juked 20 jukus 20 junks 20 kanzu 20 karzy 20 khazi 20 klutz 20 pujah 20 zebec 20 ziffs 20 zilch 20 zincy 20 zippo 20 zombi 20 bhaji 19 boozy 19 buxom 19 cozey 19 crazy 19 fjeld 19 fuzed 19 fuzil 19